Thursday, June 26, 2008

If you read David Drake, good news on The General

and the Slammers.

He's now got a three-volume collection of The Complete Hammer's Slammers. ALL the novels and short stories, and a new one in each volume.

The General series is being published in a hardback collection: two volumes (Warlord and Conqueror), and there's three more: The Chosen, The Reformer and The Tyrant. These last three are not on Bellevue: two different planets, Center & Raj starting things rolling(same way Center started him & Thom) on other worlds. So if your collection of paperbacks is worn out(or you wanted to start reading it), you can get the first five in the hardback collection; looks like the paperbacks are still on the 'find it used' list.


Kevin said...

Actually, Warlord and Conqueror were released some time back (2003)and are currently out of print, to the best of my knowledge.


My five-volume set is about worn out.

Firehand said...

Drake said they're currently in print again, just the paperbacks are not.

Kevin said...


Not at Amazon or B&N that I could find.

I may have to ask an actual human being!