Wednesday, April 02, 2008

When they started giving the driving test in Spanish

it struck me there were two big problems with that. One was that if you're going to live and work here, you should learn English. Period. The other is, if you make accommodation for people who speak Spanish, you're going to be under pressure to do the same for a lot of other people.

Surprise, surprise:
From The Tulsa World ~ The federal government is investigating whether the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety violated the civil rights of Iranian immigrants by refusing to provide them with driver's license tests in their native Farsi language.
Public safety officials said Tuesday that offering state driver's license tests in Farsi could force the state to offer tests and other state documents in a host of other languages, creating new costs and administrative burdens. The written portion of Oklahoma's test is currently provided only in English and Spanish.

When they made the idiot decision to give the test in Spanish, it seriously ticked me off. And now the other shoe drops. And I'm wondering how much it'll cost taxpayers to fight this. And if the idiots in charge have the nerve to do the only real fix: test in English only.


Windy Wilson said...

And there is no principled reason to stop at Farsi; anyone speaking another language who is entitled to get a driver's license now is entitled to get the test in his or her native language. There is no end to the number of shoes that can drop here.

markm said...

I've got a Canuck grandfather who sure looked like he was mixed blood, so can I demand all government services be presented in French (Montreal French, not Parisian), Ojibwa, Odawa, etc.?