Monday, January 28, 2008

I had to create a 'Disarmament idiocy' link

for this crap.
"I would have stopped him," Knox said. "Because when I went to school, I carried a gun. It was legal; I did it."

Goddard, a Virginia Tech senior who was shot four times in the April 16 massacre, was taken aback, then said: "I feel sorry for you - the fact that you feel you need to protect yourself in every situation.

"You're afraid of crazy situations happening. I've lived through this and I know that I can't continue in my life afraid of things," he said, adding that he put his "full trust" in the police to protect society.

I have to sit here and marvel at the idiocy of this. He's sorry for someone who 'feels the need to protect himself'? SORRY?!? "...I know I can't continue in my life to be afraid of things," but is SORRY for someone who's not afraid, only prepared just in case?

Just frickin' amazing. Of course it fits in with the ADL jumping into the Heller case, commented on by the Pistolero here.

People who think A: there's something very moral about being disarmed and unwilling to protect themselves and B: want the rest of us to be forced into the same mindset, or at least forced to act like it. Wonderful.

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martywd said...

Unfortunately, Goddard and his ilk are in the majority of like minded folks that 'think' that because one choses to carry, one only does so because of some sort of personal 'fear' bordering on insanity. I know this sort of individual (i.e., Goddard) having myself grown up in downstate NY (NOT NYC), where owning a handgun is by permit only just to legally possess same in one's own home with no other right than to transport the permitted firearm directly to and from a gun range. Gun ranges which mostly were private clubs, few and far between and very exclusive/expensive clubs to say the least. This was the fact of life for my 50+ years of living in NY, thus the best I could hope for was my reliance on a surplus 12 gauge DCMP riot gun for home protection. Out and about where I lived in NY, carry a loaded concealed firearm?    For-get-about-it!

Now I live in Texas. The difference is staggering. Yes, I qualified and have a TX CHL. I carry every day here when I am out and about. Do I do this because of fear? Heck no! Do I leave my house looking for a fight? Of course not! The last thing in the world I want is a fight. But, in the unlikely instance that the unavoidable occurs, I will have no one but myself to blame if I'm not prepared.

Discouraging as it certainly is. The majority of people in this USofA have not a clue to what I have just typed or the frustrations some of us feel regarding this issue.