Thursday, November 15, 2007

"Don't actually describe the criminal!

That's racist!"
If a person of Hispanic origin rapes a woman and, in an attempt to catch this violent criminal, police publish a description identifying the suspect's general racial makeup, is that a "racist" thing to do? Apparently the folks at KMYL (1190 AM) in the metro Phoenix, Arizona area think it is. It appears that we cannot even discuss the basic appearance of a wanted criminal now without being "racist" about it all.

Tim Blair has had a bunch of posts noting cases in which police put out descriptions of robbers, rapists, etc. that included descriptions but made no mention of the race. Specifically, when suspects were of, say, 'south Asian' appearance(or whatever the current PC term is for people from Pakistan or wherever) not one word about their physical appearance. Clothing, yes: people, no.

I'm not surprised some idiots here would do the same thing, I'm just amazed it took this long for it to happen and get publicity.

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