Sunday, October 14, 2007

I must confess

I've never been to Larry Correia's site before. If you haven't, correct that error. Soon. Or you're missing things like this:
To put this in perspective, when you shoot somebody in self defense, the goal isn’t necessarily to kill them, it is to stop them. You want the bad guy to stop doing whatever it is they are doing that caused you go pull a gun in the first place. Live or die is really irrelevant. You want them to leave you alone. Sadly, the best way to make somebody leave you alone is to shoot them in their vital organs, and that often results in the bad guy’s death. But that’s his problem, not yours.

And this:
Went shooting. I fired three shots through my tactical shotgun. All of the stuff from Elite Ninja Force Tactical broke. And I think I broke my wrist. It’s like really swollen, and I’m having a hard time typing. Jimbo saw me crying and totally made fun of me. Jerk. I didn’t hit anything either, but you can’t miss inside your house, so it don’t matter. My vest split four seams and all the Dragonbreath rounds fell out. I’ll have mom sew it. The Deagle totally ruled. I didn’t shoot it because the ammo was too expensive, but with the gold plating, it was like totally the most awesome gun at the range.
On Gear Whores, if you’re going to buy stuff, please go shoot it. If you buy stuff that you don’t know how to use, it makes Baby John Moses Browning cry. If you haven’t actually used something, please don’t tell the rest of us that have used it, how awesome it is, because that makes us want to beat you up and take your lunch money.(this applies especially to everybody on the internet that keeps telling me how great certain obscure guns are, because only seven people in America have actually shot one, and if you ain’t one of them, shut the hell up.)

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