Thursday, April 19, 2007

I don't go by Riverdog's place often enough

Tonight I found this:What calibers/brands/bullet weights of ammo are lying on your desk at your blog station right now?

My computer desk is next to the worktable and on the opposite wall from the desk where the loading press is. Looking around, not digging,
Five rounds Federal .38 Special HydraShok, in pistol
Most of a box of Gold Dot 185-grain HP, .45acp
Couple of .30 Carbine, 110gr. ball
three Blazer 9mm ball Cancel that, just noticed about 100 rounds of Winchester, Monarch and Blazer ball in boxes.
Half a box of S&B .45acp ball
About 75 rounds of .30 Carbine handloads, some 110gr. hollow-point, some ball
About 300 rounds .45acp handloads, 230gr. cast ball
About 35 rounds 12-guage 00 buck handloads
Some Aguila SSS .22, about two boxes
Box of .455 Webley, 230gr. handloads
Box of 50 .30-06 handloads, 150gr. cast
Box of 7.5 Swiss handloads, 150gr. cast
Box of .380/200 handloads, 200gr. cast
Box of .45 AutoRim, 230gr. cast
Half a box of .357 Mag, 158gr. semi-wadcutter handloads
A couple of odd .303 Brit, a 12guage slug, some .303 plastic-bullet training rounds,and a couple of shotgun shells I can't decide on from this angle.

Damn, I've got a lot of crap I need to put away...

Hmmm, then he says For extra credit, list the knives or edged weapons lying on the blogstation (or within arm's reach)
Oh, Lord, I am a knifemaker, and sort-of collector. On the desk or table or the filing cabinet right here,
M4 bayonet
Swede Mauser bayonet
Six CRKT folders(hey, a guy had them on sale! Cheap!)
One CRKT neck knife(see above)
Small belt knife(2" blade)
and in the box on the end of the table, a dirk, a big sax-style chopper, about a dozen fixed-blades of different designs and about two dozen finished blades that need hilts.

I think that's it.

'Course, around the corner in the other room is the small fighting axe, the big axe and two swords...

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