Wednesday, February 21, 2007

If any question remained about the intentions of the Brady Bunch,

check this out at Uncle. Somebody else noted the same thing, probably several somebodies, but I'm not going to search around for them now.

According to the Brady people, if you have a scope on a rifle or shotgun or handgun, you have a sniper rifle that should be banned. You should not be allowed to hunt unless you can do it with iron sights. There's never a need to shoot at game more than 100 meters away.

I said it before, they'll take anything you can think of about a firearm and that'll become a reason to ban it. Your hunting rifle has a scope, or is capable of shooting 'too accurately', it's a sniper rifle: ban it. How long do you think it'll take them to decide that anything other than buckhorn rear sights are 'unnecessary' for hunting accuracy and should be banned?

Like Uncle said before, they're the Brady Gun-Ban Group. Period. That's their entire aim. And people like Zumbo give them ammunition to shoot all gun owners- including Zumbo- in the back.

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