Friday, January 12, 2007

Addition to range day

Remembered a couple of things. The flashlight I mounted on the shotgun had a disturbing habit of slipping forward in the mount under recoil. Tried a couple of things, including putting contact cement on the mount, to no avail. Finally took my rotary tool(does Dremel get upset if you call a B&D a 'dremel'?) with a cutoff wheel and cut a series of grooves in the side that clamps onto the light, following the curve. That seems to have done it, as I didn't notice it having shifted forward any after twenty-five rounds.

Second thing was a new grip on the Makarov. It's a nice little pistol, but the factory grip sucks. I'd read about the Pearce grip for it and bought one. Actually, bought it quite a while ago, but this was the first time I both had the chance and remembered to take it with me. I can sum up my review of the grip as 'MUCH better'. Much more comfortable to shoot, and- for me- easier to shoot the piece accurately; it helped keep the gun positioned the same from shot to shot, the factory grip tending to slip a bit in my hand. Well worth the money.

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