Sunday, December 03, 2006

A couple of weeks ago Tony Blair had a big article

in the Telegraph, I believe, on how necessary national ID cards were, and how most people were just overjoyed at the thought(ok, I'm exaggerating that last).

Well, not so fast, Mr. Blair: Millions may resist database, says poll

The first signs of a significant popular revolt against the Government's identity card scheme have been uncovered by a YouGov poll for The Daily Telegraph.

It suggests that hundreds of thousands of people, maybe even millions, would refuse to register on the proposed database that will underpin the scheme, even if this meant a fine or going to jail.

Hmmm, the peasants are revolting, it seems.

Overwhelmingly, the public is unwilling to trust Government promises not to misuse personal information and fears the national ID database will contain inaccurate and unreliable information about them.


Now listen to this: The Act also does not make it a requirement to carry an ID card, again to avoid the so-called "Clarence Willcock effect", named after the last person to be prosecuted for refusing to show his wartime ID cards in 1952, leading to their abolition.

People will either have to produce a card at a police station if required or will simply have their biometrics, which will be stored on the national database, checked by special readers.
Ok, so they don't want to make people actuallycarry the cards to try to keep the upset down, but they want all the information in a database so the cops can say "Stick your thumb in here" and get it. And without doubt throw you in jail if you say "No".

Happily, the Brits are beginning to get their backs up about this, as well as some other things. I hope it continues, as I hate reading about the nanny state taking over all of their lives over there.

Hell, we're not as bad off as they in that respect, and it's bad enough here!

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