Thursday, June 22, 2006

A Bitch tells the UN to 'grow a pair',

But I doubt they will. Or can.

At the Bitch Girls found this, linking to this at Uncle. Two things strike me about this;
1. The letter writing campaign to the UN officials involved in this 'disarm the victims conference' is having an effect, and
2. An awful lot of people at the UN are a: very thin-skinned and b: really, really don't like free speech that doesn't kiss their ass or at least agree with them:At last count, his Mission had received over 100,000 letters, post cards and email messages — most of them arriving at the staggering rate of about 4,000 per day — all of them with an identical anti-U.N. message in what appears to be a rigidly coordinated letter-writing and hate-mail campaign for which the NRA is notorious in this country.

'Hate mail'? So telling UN officials that we don't like them having this conference on our soil on July 4, our Independance Day and telling them we will not trash our Constitution because it doesn't suit them is 'hate mail'? Excuse me.


You KNOW when something sticks these nanny-state socialists, they squeal so loudly.

Oh, and from "Ambassador Prasad Kariyawasam of Sri Lanka, president-designate of the two-week long conference beginning Monday, we get this: "...the meeting is “not aimed at banning small arms or controlling weapons that are legally manufactured, purchased or traded in conformity with national laws”. Oh, really? Remember the definition of 'small arms' from the UN website? Broadly speaking, the website says, "small arms" are weapons designed for individual use. They include revolvers and self-loading pistols, rifles and carbines, sub-machine guns, assault rifles and light machine guns.

'Hate speech' my ass. They just don't like being told "We will not do what you say" so openly and loudly.

I posted earlier that I didn't think sending letters to the UN personnel would do any good. Looks like I was wrong; at the very least, it's upsetting them terribly and causing cases of the vapors. So I need to find those addresses and start writing.

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