Thursday, March 30, 2006

Ok, the next ruling in the Trentadue case

and the Oklahoma City Bombing is out.

KTOK radio has the story on their website here. Two big things here and one possibly big thing. First, the judge ruled the FBI can keep the names of some informants secret:
""The court is satisfied that either express or imlied promises of confidentiality were made and that the information must therefore remain protected," he declared in the ruling. "

Second, the judge stated the FBI did have an informant with McVeigh:
"For the first time in the various legal actions in state and federal courts since 1995, a judge has ruled a government informant or operative was with McVeigh before the bombing. It is something the government has steadfastly denied since the bombing.
The judge also wondered, in his ruling why there are no earlier records which have been produced by the FBI about the operation, an operation many have called a 'sting which went bad'."

The possibly big thing:
"However Jesse Trentadue, speaking from his Salt Lake City law offices also feels he has scored another victory because the judge ordered the FBI to do a search of its records for information concerning efforts of the Southern Poverty Law Center to also maintain undercover operators at Elohim City.
Trentadue asked the government to do a search for SPLC executive Morris Dees and it refused."

So Trentadue didn't get the names of the informants. However, the judge basically said the FBI and government attorneys lied about not having someone in with/around McVeigh, which is a huge thing. And the judge told the FBI "The FBI has not satisfied its burden in convincing the court that the FBI need not even search for documents containing Dees' name," wrote the judge. "While the FBI is entitled to redact any information it claims is exempt, subject to review by the court, the FBI shall conduct a search for such documents, similar to the search it has previously conducted regarding the OKBOMB file." So the feds have been ordered to make the search, and after all the crap that's come out I imagine the judge will be looking at the report from them with a very sharp eye.

And I'm hoping that there will be some action taken against the FBI and other federal people who lied in court and in sworn documents about their knowledge of McVeigh.

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