Thursday, March 30, 2006

It is now official:

Getting old sucks

I'm not even that old, but combine time with old injuries and general wear...

What brought this up is getting ready for O.U. Medieval Fair this weekend. Yesterday evening loaded forge, anvil & stump, coal & water buckets(coal bucket full), one !!*#)*& heavy toolbox and a bunch of steel in the truck. This morning took it to the site and unloaded, then helped several people get their tents up.

By the by, if you're not familiar with this area this time of year, setting up a tent is often known as 'impromptu hang-gliding', the 'hang' coming from you trying to hold onto the damn thing when the gust hits. My daughter has fond memories from her early years of being able, on some days, to spread her cloak while jumping up and travel backward a couple of feet. Due to this, there have been days when various vendors came running up with the same question: "Can you make some tent stakes? Fast?" Rebar being very popular for this item.

In any case, I'm tired, but the big stuff is done. I need to make some food items to take and get my attire ready. In the morning I'll just have to make tea, put on the kilt, load the ice chest and go. With a likely stop at Sonic for breakfast.

Hopefully I'll have pics later on. I fully intend to take it easier this year(like I have a real choice), and look around a bit more. Problem is I like demonstrating, and get caught up in it and tend to overdo.

Aye, well, I need to sharpen my dirk.

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