Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Did I ever mention I don't like working on ladders?

Or roofs? Well, down at my parents house there's a biiiig old cottonwood that's got some problems, especially in the biiig limb that stretches out over the house. So a chunk of today was spent in the roof helping dad take this limb down a piece at a time.

I did talk him into buying one of the power polesaws. That little chainsaw-on-a-stick is very nice for things like this, especially since you can whack off a section of limb without worrying about it falling on you.

However, that part is done. One more limb to help out with- it's not as heavy- and that'll be taken care of. Then I'm going to used dad's bullet sizing press to size and lube a few hundred .45 bullets. And mom has been cooking; God, it smells good around here!

This laptop keyboard is a bit of a pain, but the laptop is kind of handy, being able to check mail, etc., while I'm here. In any case, this is the only thing I plan to post until after Thanksgiving. Have a good day of it, folks.

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