Friday, June 03, 2005

Tried the Benelli out with different slugs

Since it looked like it would be a while before I could get to a 50-yard range, I finally took it and the collection of slugs to the indoor range where I do most of my handgunning. Their rifle side has 30 yards, so I settled for that. Other reason I had wanted a different range for this was there's no real bench, so it's not as steady as I'd like for ammo testing.

I had Winchester, Brenneke, Remington, Federal, and some Remington Managed Recoil. The Managed Recoil stuff hit about two inches lower than the others, otherwise the results were almost identical with all; two shots touching- some overlapping- with the third a little off. That consistently with all of them I blame the one to the side on me; the Nova is a short, light, handy scattergun, which means that with these loads it hits hard on both ends.
My shoulder was a bit sore when I got home.

By some miracle I wound up with a little money left over from last month, so last night I went to Brownell's and ordered the recoil reducer setup for this shotgun. I read a review of the gun once where a guy said that the setup should be standard with this piece; may well be right, but since it isn't, I've got one on the way.

The last time my dad qualified before retirement, one of the stages had a total of either 50 or 100 rounds(don't remember which) of mixed buck and slugs at different ranges. Their shotgun was a Remington 870, and most of them were getting a slip-on recoil pad and adding it on over the factory pad; most of them still had sore shoulders for a week after that stage. If there'd been a way for them to add something on to theirs, someone could have made some money that day.

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Mr. Completely said...

Hey Firehand! Sounds like tha makings of an entry into Mr. Completely's Postal Match to me!! Also sounds like a fun outing......