Friday, June 03, 2005

Ok, I HAVE to put this up

From over at Free Market Fairy Tales:

Incidentally, I ended up stood behind a typical Pleb Precinct shopper in Tescos at the weekend. The tracksuit-clad slapper had a complaint – and so did the rest of the queue as her three brats Shiraz, Carsophagus and Chanel No 5 laid waste to the check-out displays.
She was brandishing one of those disposable barbecues and complaining loudly to the poor check-out girl that … wait for it … there were no burgers inside as pictured on the packaging. "Just effing coal."
To be fair, the girl explained the situation as tactfully as possible, offering the screaming harridan a full refund if she wasn't happy. It was then that she noticed the detail of the receipt.
"But you bought three of these," she told the Bardsley in front of her. "Have you brought the other two back as well?"
"No," said the tattooed troll. "They're in the freezer at home."

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