Friday, January 28, 2005

One face of the enemy

Instapundit had a link to this interview with the jackass academic who compared the people murdered on 9/11 to "little Eichmanns". Let's take a look, shall we?

Start with the picture at the top. Here's a 'progressive' for you: he looks like one of the idiots in the 60's who kidnapped 'evil capitalists' and murdered them after the ransom was paid, AK47 and all(and sunglasses, can't be real radical chic without the shades).

Let's take some quotes from the interview.
"Defining violence in terms of property—that basically nullifies the whole notion that life is sacred. People who want to elevate property to the same level of importance as life are so absurd as to be self-nullifying." Ok, so you can trash property that someone may have worked their ass of to get, and that doesn't count for anything. Check.

" The individuals who are perpetrators in one way or another, the “little Eichmanns”* in the background—the technocrats, bureaucrats, technicians—who make the matrix of atrocity that we are opposing possible are used to operating with impunity. If you’re designing thermonuclear weapons, you’re subject to neutralization, in the same sense that somebody who is engaged in homicide would be, in terms of their capacity to perpetrate that offense." Let's see, 'matrix of atrocity', 'little Eichmanns'(apparently a favorite phrase), and of course 'subject to neutralization'. Translation: if you're in any way part of the 'enemy' as we see it, we can kill you. Check.

" I’m actually a de-evolutionary. I don’t want other people in charge of the apparatus of the state as the outcome of a socially transformative process that replicates oppression. I want the state gone: transform the situation to U.S. out of North America. U.S. off the planet. Out of existence altogether." The U.S. is evil, so are all the other developed countries but less so, so the U.S. has to go. Check.

There's a fair bit of discussion connected to the post at Insty, and I'll have to agree with what Glenn says: it doesn't do any good to say that clowns like this don't represent the left when they aren't actually repudiated. As has been pointed out, when Mikey Moore is in the kings seat the the Democrat convention, when Barbara Boxer (hypocrite-CA) is sending letters of thanks and praise to MoveOn & company, and they're just accepted, then the are indeed the face of that political party. And it's a real ugly face. Whether they actually mean it or not- and some of them damn well do mean it- it's a face of the enemy.


t0m said...

" it doesn't do any good to say that clowns like this don't represent the left when they aren't actually repudiated. "

Did you repudiate the Unabomber manifesto? No? Why not? Does that mean it represents you?

Come on. Isn't there enough demagoguery in today's American political landscape?

How many times do I need to listen to someone spout off about, "Oh here's a complete wacko. He must represent 48% of America." If you think all 50 million or so of us are that stupid, you have issues we can't address here.

I hear the same thing on talk radio, but I find blowhards somewhat entertaining. It's funny to check in on the latest atrocity that I, my friends, my neighbors, and 48% of all Americans are perpetrating on all you god-fearing heartlanders with clearly superior moral values.

I suppose if I wanted to dumb it down for you: If a majority of mainstream liberals speak out in support of an idea, you may say it represents us. If Rush Limbaugh says it represents us, it probably doesn't.

Now, what's this idea that I'm supposed to be supporting???

t0m said...

And the worst thing did that I know of was compare Bush to Hitler -- well, they didn't but someone posting to their unmoderated message board did. So I have to give them a pass on that.

Besides, it's not like Republicans never played the Nazi-card. See wonkette. Such a shock of your poor virgin ears!

Firehand said...

I didn't need to repudiate the Unabomber; I didn't have him on my side.

I haven't said that everybody in the Dem party, or everybody left of center, supports MoveOn and company. Fact is, when Mikey Moore is sitting in the presidential box at the dem convention, and so many of the most public dems spout the same crap as Moore and Churchill, it presents that face as the face of the party.

Oh, and you don't have to 'dumb it down' for me. And your so quickly resorting to personal insult does tell me something about your attitude.

By the way, if you think that's the worst that MoveOn came out with, you weren't paying attention.

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