Monday, October 25, 2004

Further joys of home ownership

After two redo's on things, the city inspector finally approved all of my new furnace. This meant spending a chunk of the day rebuilding the closet wall I had to open up to give enough space to move the old stuff out and the new stuff in. Put in the two studs- one aligned to the door I put in a while back- and put on the sheetrock, then use some sheetrock mud to texture that panel to match, and when that's dry I'll paint it.

All this meant buying the mud and some 2" screws, I already had the 2x4 and some 1x2 for trim. When it's done, if I ever need to open it up again, ten screws will take the sheetrock panel off, about ten will allow the two studs to come out, and it'll go back on when things are done.

Now I can have that door open without worrying about the cat getting into the attic. And when real cold comes, I've got a heater I can trust.

I planted a pecan tree in the front when I moved in. I measured a 4' diameter circle around it, dug that up, and set a bunch of pieces of shale in the edge as a border, and it came out pretty well. After that I pulled up the border I had put in around the roses and reworked it; that border was leaning way over, now it's vertical. Much better.

I hate the mess and disturbance of something like the heater work, but better now than in, oh, January.
Or carbon monoxide poisoning.

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