Wednesday, October 27, 2004


The Geek with a .45 had a post a while back about Surefire flashlights. I dug it back up because I couldn't remember which brand he had mentioned. They are indeed fine lights. Being the cheap bas-, uh, fiscally-prudent sort I am, I'd never bought one. I did, a few months back, get a similar light from Cheaper Than Dirt, a pretty good catalog business. I can't remember the brand name /and yes, I did throw the package away/, and it's not marked on the body. It's a black aluminum body with tailswitch. So far, the thing is great. It's not quite as clean a beam as a Surefire gives, but at the time it was a fair bit cheaper than any Surefire I was aware of; had I known of the model the Geek writes of, I'd have ordered it. However, it is bright; hitting yourself in the eyes with it in a bright room hurts, so hitting a burgler with it in a dark room should be downright stunning.

That subject brought up, have you ever actually practiced carrying a handgun and flashlight together? And shooting? I've tried with the left hand light-wrists crossed method, and it seems to work well. I've found if I tilt my left hand up against the back of my right, it helps align the beam and sights together.

I also tried going through the house a few times that way /piece unloaded, of course/, as if I had to check the place out. I know, the proper thing is stay in your room, call the police and stay ready in case bad guy comes in. But if you had, for some reason, to search your home, how would you do it? Try this with your mind fixed on "there may be a bad guy in here somewhere", it's an interesting experience.

Scary as hell, too. If you really concentrate on possible threat, checking corners takes on a tension much unlike "Am I about to step on the cat?", and makes you really think about what you're doing and how.

That's enough for now. It's raining outside- again- and I'm going to start a pot of jambalaya for dinner.

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