Thursday, September 30, 2004

Debates? I don't need no stinking debates!

I almost never watch presidential debates. In this case, I have no intention to. I flat do not trust Kerry.
I don't trust him to carry on the war (I don't know if he really believes it is a war).
I don't trust him not to try to boost taxes any and every way he can.
I don't trust him not to try to ban every firearm and round of ammunition possible.
I don't trush him not to try to take as much power over our lives as possible.

No, I don't trust Bush on everything. He's done some thing's that really ticked me off, and he hasn't done some things I really think he should have. He's been far too willing to compromise on some important things. BUT...

And it's a big 'but'. I think he really believes that we're in a war for long-term survival of our system, and intends to win. And I can forgive an awful lot for that.

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