Friday, February 09, 2024

The standard method now for crooks who're a minority and get caught

with their hand in the till: "RACISM!"
“You all should be ashamed of yourselves because you all are black. You all are black,” the glamorous mayor said during the livestreamed meeting. “And you all [are] sitting up here beating and attacking a black woman that’s in power.”
Isn't that wonderful?  "You people are black, so you should support me no matter what!"


B said...

They aren't Society based, but rather Tribe based in their thinking.

Tribe and family matter over all.
It is why the White and hipsanic countries and cultures (and to a lesser extent the asian) are constructive and stable, and the African ones are shitholes.

B.C. said...

There's not a tree tall enough for what this cnut needs to happen to her worthless, entitled self.