Sunday, October 01, 2023

A quick "My morning is effed,

so why not spread the joy?

Member of Congress throws a fire alarm to mess up a vote.  But he's a Democrat so the chances of any real punishment are damn low.

The Stupid Party threw the Democrats a lifeline(again) in the budget mess, and my Rep was one of them.  You cannot tell how happy that makes me...

The Marine Corps says it won’t have a full stock of the woodland-pattern camouflage combat utility uniform ― the everyday outfit for most Marines ― until summer or fall 2024. The shortage has prompted the top Marine leader to authorize unit commanders to allow the desert-colored camouflage combat utility uniform or the flame-resistant organizational gear, known as FROGs.
Well, isn't that just effing wonderful?


Anonymous said...

Well that means that if they attempt to move against the US citizenry (not out of the question) they will only blend in in the desert southwest.

Matthew said...

Desert camo shows up like a flashlight in a dark room when you're in a forest of any kind. You'd be harder to spot in the old OG fatigues.

Anonymous said...

Same here. All my state's reps pussied out and voted to feed the beast.
Heard on the radio this morning the lack-of-ethics committee will file to have Gaetz removed from congress on some trumped up bribery and drug charges.
F#@king pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Well, the USMC has eliminated titles of "Sir" and "Ma'am" from their vocabulary, allows women in the combat arms, implementing coed recruit training, and is fully embracing diversity. So there's that. /S

Brian said...

Marine Corps could go back to wearing "B" and "C" dress uniforms freeing up cammies for those that actually need to wear on a daily basis.Guess that makes me Old Corps now, and thinking about how long it's been, I feel really old.