Thursday, September 29, 2022

Lawdog has a post on the Nordstream mess,

and it's pretty good.


Rob said...

That was good.

Matthew W said...

The knowledge that other people have boggles my mind!
That was really good information.

Michael said...

And I await Lawdogs thoughts about the facts that both Russia and Germany own that pipeline 50-50 so it was both nations failing to maintain or at least on the German side reporting about failing Russian efforts.

So far Germany has only been asking who sabotaged the gas line that might have kept their lights on and heat working this winter.

Did we dirty our white hat?

Odysseus said...

Hanlon's Razor is a difficult principal to bear in mind even when you're trying to.

Firehand said...

There's a lot of people asking who and what, the problem is there's so much lattitude for so damn many people to be the ones if it was sabotage. And if it was bad maintenance and incompetence, Russia won't admit it.

Throw in our State Department and Biden making comments about 'there won't BE a Nordstream', and that really messes the waters. Gives Putin a way to blame us, and leaves people wondering "Idiot statements to push Russia, or actual warnings?"

Lowell said...

Not sure how he gets a 'diesel effect' explosion in a section of pipeline that has no oxygen. If the methane content of the pipe is above 20%, it's too rich to combust.

I can perhaps see a plug of hydrates hitting a PI (turn or bend in the pipe) at high speed and mechanically rupturing the line, but you have to have a lot of differential across that obstruction to get that speed. A pipe that is not flowing by definition has no differential.

I don't work on undersea natural gas pipelines. I do work on large interstate natural gas pipelines currently and for the last twenty years.

This guy has some points that are valid. He also has some that just don't work for me.

Firehand said...

From what I understand hydrates contain oxygen, and it could be enough in a situation to support combustion. Expert I am not.