Saturday, August 06, 2022

Here's a federal prosecutor who needs to be unemployed

A press release Wednesday by the U.S. Attorney in charge of the federal prosecutor's office in Massachusetts, Rachael S. Rollins announced the rollout of an "End Hate Now" telephone hotline (emphasis added):

The "End Hate Now" hotline [1-83-END-H8-NOW] is dedicated for reporting hate-based incidents or potential criminal activity. Massachusetts residents and visitors are encouraged to call the hotline to report concerning or troubling incidents of hate, potential hate crimes, or concerns regarding individuals believed to be espousing the hate-filled views or actions we learn of far too often in the wake of mass shootings and/or acts of hate-based violent extremism. Callers are encouraged to leave their contact information but may remain anonymous….

Of course they can.  And oh yes, there's more.

If she's got so little to do dealing with actual crime that she's got time to play with her favorite "I want to make everyone better, and punish them if they aren't" game, or is happy to ignore the real stuff to do this, she needs to be gone.

Let's throw in that she's got no business policing speech because some of it seems distasteful to her.  That's a violation of her oath to the Constitution.


Anonymous said...

Flood the line with calls reporting the governor, etc. for supporting liberal policies, CRT, and all other good things. Turn the game on them.

Rob said...

I often wonder how that type of "hate" and the First Amendment (Freedom of speech) can co-exist?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous? Yeah, sure. We live in a surveillance state. You can't call government hotlines and remain anonymous.

Toastrider said...

Wanna bet, anon? You might remember how the NYC 'curfew breaker' hotlines got filled with garbage.