Thursday, August 18, 2022

A lot of 'well-meaning' people are doing huge harm,

and I find myself wondering if they even care?

This is about the current 'How and why is monkeypox spreading?' bullshit that requires ignoring the factor of promiscuous homosexual men.  Because, just like when they pretended HIV/AIDS 'is a disease of EVERYONE!', they're avoiding dealing with a big factor because someone will have upset feelings if you bring it up.

This post got started by reading this post(warning, the picture at the start is horrible).  The poor bastard with part of his face being eaten has an idiot history:
Turns out that he was HIV-positive and didn't know, plus was infected with advanced syphilis -- also a surprise to him. He told doctors he had never been tested for a sexually transmitted infection. There he was, celebrating diversity like a champ, and now his nose is partially rotted off. Heaven knows who he passed along HIV, syphilis, and monkeypox to along the way.

Meanwhile, New Orleans is so far going ahead with its big Labor Day weekend Southern Decadence festival, an LGBT event that draws 275,000 to the French Quarter for six days of sex, dancing, and debauchery. Decadence was cancelled the past two years because of Covid, but not over monkeypox, though it is certain to be a superspreader event.

Much like various other festivals that were followed by a bunch of people testing positive.  But saying "For God's sake, people, be CAREFUL!" will get you called a homophobe and hater.  Because warning people that screwing with anyone who'll hold still long enough, especially when you're a member of a high-risk group, is dangerous means you hate people and want them to die.

Guy I used to work with was gay, in a committed thing with someone, and still, when the gay rodeo or whatever came around, there they went.  He knew it was dangerous, but he was diabetic, and had decided he'd probably die early anyway so...  I've wondered how many years that may have taken off his life.  Damn shame, he was good at what he did and cared more about getting some parts of the job done more than the upper levels did.

So the question- again- is 'How many lives are you willing to damage/sacrifice in the name of not upsetting someone?'  The answer is an awful lot.


Anonymous said...

The french dog that got monkey pox from "co-sleeping' with its gay owners had anal abrassions. Yet everyone pretends the dog got it from being around its owners. No one is allowed to point out the dog was likely the victim of bestiality by its owners.

Just like we are not supposed to ask about the 8 child cases of monkey pox. 6 are confirmed as children raised by gay men, one the state is refusing to release data and the newest one in California is under a year old. No one is allowed to ask if the children are victims of abuse, nope we have to pretend it suddenly transmitted differently.


Steve said...

We the "Normals" won't see this government do anything about this plague. In my humble opinion "they" are waiting to see how quickly it will "jump" to the normal heterosexual population.
Kinda like AIDS; it was sequestered to the gay community UNTIL some "double dippers" spread it to normals.
Once it jumps; they may do lip service to how serious it is. But, then again don't hold your breath....
Wonder what color ribbon will be issued to commemorate this disease?