Wednesday, November 24, 2021

The left is very upset with Andy Ngo* for pointing out the inconvenient beliefs of the Waukesha mass killer

This both tells us things they don't want us to know, and causes problems for their pet causes.  Such as

Interesting what actually concerns them, isn't it?

*Despite numerous tries they haven't killed or crippled him, and it upsets them.


Matthew W said...

Andy is a brave man

Mike-SMO said...

For some it makes it harder to sell the narrative. Others are large children who see the world as full of human versions of Bambi or who are just isolated individuals who will be tamed by a kind word. They have no idea of the individuals who are bundles of hate or ice who are just looking for a victim. Polite and kind generally works as long as you are prepared to deal with the occasional bundle of hate. I would certainly wish to avoid scraping friends and children off the pavement if we happen to encounter a local version of Darrell. That defective had Bambi for lunch, long ago.