Wednesday, January 27, 2021

If you've got kids/relatives/friends looking at college,

point them to this.  It could save them a bleepload of time and money.  One bit:
The kids you’ve got to feel sorry for are the ones who want to live that happy good time lifestyle, but who don’t have a rich mom and dad, so they instead turn to the endless money faucet of student loans, because they don’t yet realize that eventually that’s going to come back around to bite them in the ass.

 And Big College loves this shit, and just keep jacking up the prices. Because as long as there is some sucker who is willing to pay $400,000 for a degree that is functionally indistinguishable from one that costs $40,000, they’re going to do so, gleefully.

Also, note that Biden's $15/hr minimum wage would destroy a lot of the jobs that a lot of people have used to help work their way through without taking out any/more than necessary loans.

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Anonymous said...

Look into sending them to a trade school. Actually learn a skill or skills that can be used even at home if needed. Being able to repair your plumbing, electrical, A/C or even learn to build a book case, hang a door, pour some concreate, fix various things that break on a car. These are the things that will be needed when the this country or local area runs off the rails and catches fire.
Sure does cut down the amount of MONEY you spend to have someone to do these things for you.