Monday, November 23, 2020

Bet a lot of even the control-freak sheriffs and police chiefs had a conversation:

The good ones had already said "You are not going to do this.  I don't care what the Governor says."  The others had to reflect on what happens to their job when a huge number of people tell their officers "You're not invited, go away."  You're going to arrest everyone?  Really?  You want to watch your support go into the toilet, and your job as well?
There was an incident a couple of days ago with a bunch of people at a meeting telling sheriff's deputies and a health department weenie to get the hell out.  Which they did.

Looks like a lot more people are arriving at the "Piss off and leave me alone!" moment.


Steve said...

So, I'm curious.....isn't there something regarding the sheriff of the county being the actual "person in charge"? Wasn't that part of the kerfuffle a few years back?
I seem to remember that group being roundly/soundly being besmirched, ridiculed and essentially laughed off the planet.
Help me out that wikipedia thingy reality or just wishful thinking?

Firehand said...

My understanding is that the Sheriff is the highest law enforcement authority in a county, and can, if need be, tell feds to get the hell out. I know it has happened in some places. Unless they've got damn good legal reason, federal agents are supposed to contact the sheriff of a county when they need to work there or make an arrest.

Most sheriffs don't do it, but I think they do have the legal authority to.

One of the things that makes this interesting is that since the Sheriff answers pretty directly to the voters of the county, a lot of them are much more aware of 'pissing off the voters so I can buy a pat on the head from the Governor is not a real good idea'. Which is why you've got a bunch of sheriffs telling various governors to take their 'you can't celebrate Thanksgiving with the family' orders and shove them.

Dan said...

What happens depends upon the mentality of the badgemonkeys. Some will tell the governor to go get stuffed. Many however will have no problem kicking in doors at the first whiff of stuffing and cranberry sauce.