Monday, June 29, 2020

'Protesters' break into a gated community-

literally, broke open a gate- and go stomping through to find the Mayor's house to demand resignation for being insufficiently supine to their wishes, start threatening a couple who retrieve arms and tell them to go away.

Most media leaves out some important things in service to 'evil white rich people threaten peaceful BLM protesters' narrative.(surprise!)

What makes this even more fun?  The two homeowners are lawyers, Democrats, and support BLM. 

Apparently not enough to sit quietly and bow down when their neighborhood is invaded, apparently.

Question: how long before one of the woke troglodytes decides to firebomb their house, car, or otherwise express displeasure at being told to piss off?

Sooner or later, I'm really surprised it hasn't happened yet, these assholes are going to firebomb a house or car with someone inside* and get shot.  The left will scream "PEACEFUL PROTESTER KILLED!" and demand more gun laws so they can murder people with less chance of being shot while trying, and a whole bunch of "Please just leave me alone" people will- those that haven't already- take out a gun, load it, look at it, and realize that the time they might have to use it for real is here.

It's going to get interesting.

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A Texan said...

Ah, I did not know the two were Democrats. Well in that case, I"m all for their house being fire bombed to oblivion. Ditto for any other over paid libtards in such neighborhoods.