Saturday, April 04, 2020

Something had a chance to try out

A .22TCM*
It's basically a 1911 firing the cartridge on the left
My understanding is they started with a .223 case, shortened it and necked it down to take a jacketed 40-grain .22 hollowpoint, which it pushes out of the pistol at around 2000fps.

First acquaintance with this was a guy shooting one on the range, a combination of a roar like a .44 Mag but the pistol barely moved in recoil.  I watched a few shots and said "I don't know what he's shooting, but I want one."  Few days ago had the chance to fire a magazine through one.

It uses a double-stack mag full of these, so that's 17 rounds of roar.  HUGE muzzle flash, loud as a .44, and very little recoil.  Very vigorous ejection, but we did find all his empties.  Couldn't save the target, but at about ten yards it grouped nicely. 

Bit of searching turned up some gel tests, which looks like this would definitely do some damage.

And yeah, I want one.  Especially since it comes with a 9mm barrel and recoil spring and you can use the same magazines with both cartridges.

*Picture from the Armscor site


Knitebane said...

Hey Firehand,

I've got a pair of TCM Combos. My Government-size is my range gun and I generally keep the 9MM barrel in it so I can shoot cheap ammo. My Commander-size is my EDC. I've added a red-dot mount to both of them to compensate for my elderly eyesight.

Armscor made a change a couple of years ago so that all you have to change out to shoot 9MM or 22TCM is the barrel and recoil spring, but the older guns like my 5" need the extractor changed out too.

When I first got the 5" I did some testing with water jugs. The round went through 4 of them and stopped inside the 5th. Pretty good for a 40gr hollow-point.

And the recoil is basically non-existent as you mentioned. I finished the NRA Marksmanship all the way through Distinguished Expert at less than half the allotted time. Follow up shots are effortless.

Get yourself one. Or two. :)

Firehand said...

I do not need another enabler, stop it.

Anonymous said...

That's 300-ish fps more MV than the same weight bullet in an FN Five-seveN. The TCM looses out on magazine capacity on account of the fatter cartridge but the extra velocity does it proud.