Monday, February 24, 2020

The left and 'elites' like to angrily denounce the commoners for their lack of respect for Expertise

and for being Anti-Intellectual.  Well, let's look at one more example of what Experts and Intellectuals are doing to us:
High school students won’t have to be “proficient” in either math or English to graduate, under minimum required test scores proposed by State Superintendent Paolo DeMaria.

They will just need to know enough to do the most basic of jobs.
DeMaria said the “competency” scores are not meant to show readiness for college, or even a career, only that a graduate knows enough to do the basics of an entry-level job. 

“The competencies that we’re describing are meant to be about that high school-only job position,” he said. Graduates can then learn more on their own.
And the shitheads in the legislature seem to be happy to go along with this.

We've got people in college who, not that long ago, would not have made it into high school until they repeated a grade and got it right; now these idiots deliberately want to dumb-down education to the point of "You'll be- barely- able to do some entry level jobs, as long as they don't require much."

I'm afraid it's long past time a bunch of the bastards behind this were tarred and feathered, and a bunch of them hanged.


Frank Souze said...

I believe the State Superintendent of Schools in OHIO is an ELECTED office - OHIO is a Red State -
Appears ones propensity to "angrily denounce the commoners for their lack of respect for Expertise" is not necessarily ingeniousness to so called "lefty elites" ?

Firehand said...

A: Note I said 'left AND 'elites'

B: that a state like Ohio is apparently either OK with this, or they elected a state government that is, is disgusting either way.

pigpen51 said...

And they act all pissy when kids graduate with so much student loan debt that they can never pay it all off. The extra year teaching them things they should have learned in high school, for free, only now at a cost of about 25,000$ is the reason for a lot of that student loan debt.
And to top it off, they call the jobs entry level, but they want to make the employers pay the entry level workers 15$ an hour. Kind of disingenuous don't you think?

Firehand said...

The tar should be a little extra hot for these people