Thursday, December 05, 2019

Should be a law stating "Politicians who attempt this kind of crap

will be dragged into the street, flogged with a flagrum, and tried for violation of their oath to the Constitution."
Illinois state Rep. Daniel Didech has proposed a law that would require police to screen the social media accounts of potential gun buyers.

If passed, this bill would allow police to disqualify an individual from purchasing a gun and even revoke a currently valid Firearm Owner’s Identification Card if any information on the social media accounts was found alarming.
This being a Evil Party asshole from Illinois, 'alarming' will be defined as "Anything that lets me screw people who don't vote for me, give me money, and/or don't agree with me."

So flagrum, trial, and hanging. 

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Thomas Moore said...

I have commented and posted a great deal to both LinkedIn and a few other sites where my words could easily be taken for hate and what write is simply truth. Fact. And yet the feeble-minded and special snowflakes do not want to be confronted with such for it shatters their small mind. Makes then cry really. Should we be alarmed though at murder and rape and mass killings posted as dreams and desires on-line why yes I sure think so. Should we then have a Morals Police Force? A set of authorities with guns and badges to approve or deny your life and liberty if what you say offends them as hate speech? That is what exactly some folks want as it gives them power to silence and arrest or simply confront and kill those who oppose their authority. That's the real deal here = who has the power to silence and arrest and imprison or kill those opposed to their power.