Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Looks like some of the special ops types want a new carbine

Very short and light, suppressed, and in .300 Blackout.


markm said...

Interesting. I wonder how much agencies that need a shorter weapon are handicapping themselves by insisting on an AR-15 action, which has the return spring in the stock. But it's good that they have options that don't kill range and stopping power as much as with an M1 Carbine, or a very short barrel for the 5.56mm M4.

I'm also dubious about the usefulness of the feature where they can change to a (presumably longer) barrel for 5.56mm. Would Special Operations troops actually carry the weight of a spare barrel and ammunition in different calibers just so they can change in the field to a rifle cartridge - in a gun that isn't sighted in? Or if the intention is only to swap barrels back at base, then sight the gun in before departing on the next mission, I don't see that the cost savings over just having two guns per man in the armory would be worth the time for the changeovers. If you get information that a target is on the move and vulnerable, you need weapons that you can pick up as you leave and just use rather than ones that have to be configured for the particular mission.

Firehand said...

I'd wondered about that 'change the barrel' thing, sounds like one of those "isn't this a wonderful idea?" things that comes from people who wouldn't have to cart the parts and other ammo around.

Especially with the problem that occurs if ammo gets mixed up.