Wednesday, August 16, 2017

A new(to me at least) projectile & brass source

Somebody had a link to Reloading Valley a while back, and after looking things over I ordered some 110-grain Hornady .308 bullets and some Nosler 210-grain .338 to try.

It's mostly brass and bullets that were pulled from ammo for whatever reason, and they state in the bullet description
These bullets are from a pulldown operation, so they will be slightly tarnished and you may notice light tooling marks from the demil process.
When these came in I checked them over; some slight marks on some of them, all in places where I think the jacket would engage the rifling; the .338s had some slightly-mashed noses.  I've only had time to load and try a few of the .338s with a known load; they shot well.  And the price was damned good, especially considering shipping is included.

Take a look, might find some stuff you can use.


taminator013 said...

Holy crap! I just got a box of 100 - 250 gr .338 Nosler Partition bullets for $10 or $15 less than you would pay for a 50 count box. Plus free shipping. Thanks for the tip.

taminator013 said...

Another good place is Rocky Mountain Reloading. They have a good selection of pulled bullets and brass. They also offer free shipping on all orders. I've been pretty happy with them, but they haven't had any .338.

bobbyvee said...

Thank you both for the info. Every penny counts.

Retired Spook said...

Thanks, they will be getting more of my business, since I've got Minions to reload for!