Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Some things just don't change much

One of the letters was written by a man called Masclus, who is best known for a previous letter to his Commanding Officers asking for more beer, this time asking for leave from work.
Troops need beer.  Always.

Getting drunk with Mattis ought to lead to some real stories; too bad nobody can write that for real.

Sweden is so screwed...
It's a country where, while Muslim rapists and terrorists are forgiven, critics of immigrant conduct are punished. In May, a 70-year-old woman in Dalarna, Sweden, was arrested for writing on Facebook in 2015 about immigrants who “set cars on fire and urinate and defecate in the streets.” (She faces up to four years in prison.)

No surprise, then, that on July 7, Jyllands-Posten reported that the Swedish government plans to alter the nation's Constitution in such a way as to give itself the power to limit online free speech about precisely these ticklish matters. Among other things, wrote Jyllands-Posten, it will become illegal “for certain websites to publicize information about private persons' ethnicity or conviction of crimes.”
"All is wonderful, and if you say otherwise we'll throw you in prison."  Yeah, that'll work.

"Why would you want to carry a GUN when you're in the forest?"
Because some things there might want to eat you.  Dumbass.

So, the San Francisco train system won't release video of various crimes.  Because sensitive and caring.  And they're apparently too effing stupid to understand just what their 'reasons' are telling people.
Allen told us the agency issued an explanation for why it is being tight-lipped about the thefts.

“To release these videos would create a high level of racially insensitive commentary toward the district,” she was told. “And in addition it would create a racial bias in the riders against minorities on the trains.”

According to a memo distributed to BART Directors, the agency won’t do a press release on the June 30 theft because it was a “petty crime” that would make BART look “crime ridden.” Furthermore, it would “unfairly affect and characterize riders of color, leading to sweeping generalizations in media reports.”

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