Wednesday, October 26, 2016

So, frenzy or fairly normal?

So far a lot of people are buying some extra ammo or components, some are definitely buying firearms(especially EBR types), but there's still ammo on the shelves, and powder, and no long lines- at least around here- to fill out a yellow sheet.

I'm guessing that a lot- probably most- have decided that if the three branches are split between parties it'll keep Clinton- if she wins- from just shoving through some of the crap she's pushed.  Especially since she's not going to get any honeymoon 'be nice to the winner' period.  So "I'm going to pick up some extra ammo/primers/powder/bullets just in case, but I'm not doing that panic-buying again."

The 2nd is still under threat, especially if Clinton gets to nominate some judges, but the widespread panic doesn't seem to have started.  At least not yet.


Phelps said...

Or, the last eight years has been nothing but an orderly mustering and gear up, and people don't need to panic buy ammo because they have an eight year stockpile.

Jerry The Geek said...

I've got a couple thousand .22 and enough powder to keep me busy reloading for a few years (although certainly not at "competition" level). Brass is recoverable, I can reload in several popular calibers, have a few thousand bullets in appropriate calibers and I can reload without electricity in a pinch.

Frankly my life-style is minimalistic and I'm not too worried about my immediate ability to keep myself in ammunition.

But what I AM worried about is that the horizon is flush with a mindset which would has focused on ammunition restrictions (such as California laws requiring 'registration' of ammunition).

This is a clear infringement on the Second Amendment, but nobody has talked about that ... yet. And someone should be looking at that area now, before it becomes a new set of draconian laws.