Friday, March 25, 2016

Then again, it's hard for the security and intel agencies

to get the resources they need when the commander-in-chief spends barely a minute addressing the Brussels attack, and adjourns to a baseball game with Raul Castro.

Seems Biden gave another speech, much later than the one he keeps saying Republicans 'out of context, misread, distorted'; And he went right along with Sen. Byrd:
There is no stipulation in the Constitution as to how the Senate is to express its advice or give its consent. President Bush incorrectly -- incorrectly -- maintains that each nominee for a federal judgeship is entitled to an up or down vote. The Constitution does not say that. I say the Constitution itself does not say that each nominee is entitled to an up or down vote. The Constitution doesn’t say that, it doesn’t even say that there has to be a vote with respect to the giving of its consent. The Senate can refuse to confirm a nominee simply by saying nothing and doing nothing.
Two days later, Byrd's speech was also heavily quoted, lavishly praised, and included in full in the printed version of a prolix (13,000+ word), 90-minute floor speech by Senator Joe Biden.

Biden’s entire speech was devoted to the issue at the center of the debate over the Garland nomination. Since he attached so much significance to it, he prepared by seeking the counsel of a panel of Constitutional scholars. Biden declared it was “one of the most important” speeches of his 32-year Senate career.

3).  A terrorist event is not a self- defense shooting.  I cannot understand why so many who should know better insist of treating an event like this…like the Charly Ebdo, the Paris Attack, the Mali Attack, the Jakarta Attack, the San Bernardino Attack…and now Belgium like it was a mugger in a parking lot.  Once the bad guys open the game, in an event like this you are permitted to take it to any level of violence you wish without any concerns of legality or liability.  Say nothing at all…make no announcements…keep calm and shoot them in the face. If you don’t think you can do that, then please get on the ground and out of the way of those who will at least try.

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0007 said...

Shoot them in the face and then walk away; best to be wearing a hat and a jacket when you do. Oh, and also you should consider using a revolver(you don't have to stop to pick up shell casings, heh, heh, heh).
Least that's how my diversity enabled friend in DC figures.