Saturday, October 26, 2013

I still can't type well, and it may take a while, so

The Story of What Happened.

There's this tree in the back yard(some of you are already shaking your heads and muttering imprecations; shut up), and with all the rain this year a couple of limbs had grown out over the neighbor's power line.  Especially with winter coming, that can't stay.

Was able to get a lot of it from the ground, but a couple of pieces HAD to be done from the tree.  So I got that all cut, set the pruning pole safely out of the way and started down.  Yes, I was testing every step; that branch lied to me, and broke.  Thus my reintroduction to Gravity('It's not just a good idea, it's the law!')

At one point on the trip down I swear to God I had my upside-down feet hooked over a limb and I actually paused for a moment, long enough for "Maybe I can-" to form before one shoe pulled off and I continued my descent.

So, I laid there a moment going through the 'Can I move x, can I move y' checks, with Security Staff(Jr.) on the other side of the fence with that "You there, boss?" look on his face.  X and Y did indeed function, so I put my shoe on, got up and into the house and sat before the post-incident nausea and dizzy hit.  Sat there a bit getting through that, and called the doctor's office, got a nurse.  "What happened?", etc.  "Um, you need to go to the emergency room."  I think it was the "Yes, I can move my arm, but something's not right in my shoulder" that did it.

Called daughter.  I figured "I'm  not bleeding, so don't need an ambulance, but if I wind up in the hospital overnight or something, can you check on the dogs?"  That got a pause, followed by "Do you want a ride?  It's quiet at work, I can get off."  Started to say no, then felt that oddness in the shoulder again and considered trying to drive, and said "That might be a good idea."

Things went much faster than my previous visit.  I received some pain meds that actually worked, assurance that nothing was broken, very bad sprain in the shoulder(the other bruises, abrasions, missing bits of tissue messy but not threatening), and directions to followup with my regular doc.

So I  have my left arm in a sling most of the time, meds when necessary(they work so-so), and orders to take it easy.  Which means I can't handload(working the lever pulls on everything upper-body), can't cast, can't ride, cooking is a real problem(bribed daughter with dinner a couple of times when just gave up), and the dogs wonder why I'm  not coming out to play much, and can't type very well(it's taking a long time to put this together).  Had to sneeze a couple of times, and that felt like someone stabbed me through the shoulder blade.

And even with power steering, driving sucks(though at least this time I can use my right arm for steering and shifting).

So that's my status.  I shall now retire from typing for a while, and try to get some reading done, or something, while I figure out what/how for lunch.


Bob said...

Get well soon, glad no permanent damage!

Keith said...


You have my sympathy. once the swelling goes it might be worth seing a chiropractor to see that you haven't twisted any of the joints in your neck and back.

I get really bad neck and back trouble (a stupid clay shooting competition over quarter of a century ago)

it usually shows itself as stabbing pains in all sorts of places away from my spine depending on which nerves are getting interfered with. If it's a sciatic nerve that is getting crushed, my legs can just give way under me.

a visit to the chiropracter straightens all of that out -

I just feel like crap as all the lactic acid from the muscles which were in spasm for several days, makes its way into my blood stream.

get well soon.


Jennifer said...

Those no good fibbing branches!
Glad you are on the mend. Doesn't sound like much fun

Jennifer said...

Also, injury blogging is MY schtick. ;)

Firehand said...

I promise, I'd MUCH rather leave it to you

Among other things, I don't heal as fast as I used to

lineman said...

It always breaks when you have decided to trust it with your weight and you have let go of your other support...Get well soon and maybe try and find some comfrey leaves...

Anonymous said...

BTDT. Climbed up the ladder last year (alone - stupid) to trim the branches. About the time I got to the 3rd rung, the ladder twisted and went sideways. I went straight down, landed on my butt and fractured the tailbone. Walking was no fun for a while. You have my deepest sympathies...