Monday, October 24, 2011

Another test in the offing

(and how often do I get to use that word?)
Mr. Completely made an offer and I took him up on it; I have a bottle of his slicky-stuff sitting on the table. Range testing will commence when my currently somewhat-screwed-up work/sleep schedule allows, hopefully in a day or two.

I decided the starting testbed will be same as for the Lubriplate grease: the Ciener .22 conversion for my .45. So it's been disassembled, thoroughly cleaned, including a brake cleaner wash to get rid of the grease, and lubed with this stuff. It's a pretty 'thick' oil, with good hang-time; put a drop on, hold the piece vertically and it veeery sloooooowly shifts down. Before I hit the range I'll clean the frame rails off and give them a drop, too.

Well, never mind, I just went ahead and cleaned the frame and slide rails and dosed them with it. Working the slide, it has a nice, slick feel. We'll see how it does at the range.

Side note: not enough sleep does not make for normal gun-handling skills. Which is why actually shooting will wait a day or two.

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