Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hit the range this morning

and, along with general practice, put about sixty rounds through the .22 conversion. Had one almost-stovepipe(case horizontal) and one failure to feed, all with Federal bulk-pack ammo. And both of those on the same magazine. I know because, having read that idea at Tam's a while back, I went around numbering almost every magazine in the house. I noticed that the previous such failures happened mostly with that mag, too. Very happy with the Lubriplate grease.

Couple of news items to point to: first, a restaurant in the Seattle area that won't serve TSA personnel; apparently the owner got seriously torqued by the way he was treated when flying.

The other's from Britain, some of the "We need to change history to suit what we want it to have been" types decided to get rid of Guy Fawkes Night:
For more than 400 years the day has been celebrated with bonfires and firework displays but last night Southwark Council in south-east London was accused of “ludicrous political correctness” after renaming the celebration The Colour Thief: A Winter Extravaganza Celebrating the Change of the Seasons.
After getting doused in a crapstorm of "What the hell is wrong with you idiots?", they denied they'd done it.

Just ran across this at Insty: two cases of cops behaving very badly, and a a couple of them are actually being indicted for it; delay due to PG County police were reluctant to cooperate. Guys, you'd better figure this out: even if you don't want to deal with bad cops because 'they're one of us', there are lots and lots of cameras out there now and you won't be able to just cover it up; and if you do try, people will think far less of you for it. And trust you less.


Phelps said...

You know when they are "one of us?"

When it is two bad cops looking at each other.

Anonymous said...

..."And trust you less"...

That's damned near impossible.

Anonymous said...

Beyond "...And trust you less" which akaangrywhiteman observed is nearly impossible, people will (and are) coming to view anyone with a badge and a cop uniform as little more than a hostile enemy.

Given the comparative numbers between police and non-police, there is an term that describes what cops are becoming in this nation.