Wednesday, November 24, 2010

So, according to Napolitano, trains and buses and subways

are a 'privilege' to travel on and you give up your rights when you buy a ticket...

I want you to consider what this shit- ignoring for the moment the 4th Amendment violations and such- is going to do to travel. And does Incompitano and Obama give a rats ass as long as they increase their power over us?


Mattexian said...

Hell, I've heard enough times that having a driver's license (and, related, having a car to drive) is a privilege, and their rationale would mean that pesky 4th Amendment doesn't apply there either! Is there gonna be a "fine print" on our next license renewals that revokes any 4th protections, and will there be any "opt out" time limit to protest? (Tho it's not like this administration has given a flip about any protests of unConstitutional things they've done.)

AM said...

huh, so "public transportation" is the "solution" to gridlock and pollution, and yet you have to give up your rights to use it?

No thank you, I would rather live in a smog choked wasteland than give up my freedoms.