Thursday, September 25, 2008

Health nannies in OK

Rope being oiled.

Just before I left for work yesterday there was a report on KTOK about a big 'health project to fight obesity', which wasn't a surprise; such projects happen about every other week. This one, however, included the head of the project saying "We need to look at taxes on unhealthy foods and tax breaks for healthy activities like health club memberships." That's as close as I remember, because so far I can't find the article for the exact quote. It was the usual "There are too many fat people, and obviously they can't deal with things unless the government uses a whip on them, so we need to tax them" crap that comes out regularly. I guess I shouldn't be surprised this nonsense is going on here. After all, a while back the Oklahoma City police chief announced that we need registration and licensing of firearms, so other idiocy cropping up shouldn't surprise me.

I have a suggestion: since this is supposed to be for our health, I propose a tax(say, 70-80% of their gross income) on nanny-state bureaucrats who want to raise taxes on food they don't like. Since their proposing this garbage is bad for my blood pressure, this should reduce the amount of their nonsense being spouted, thus it's good for health. Mine, at least.

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