Friday, July 11, 2008

And this, Officer Friendly, is why so many people

have come to distrust you. And dislike you.
Last Thursday, narcotics cops in Troy, New York shot the locks off a door, tossed a flash grenade through a window, and stormed a house as part of an early-morning drug raid. They found only a single mother inside, not the drugs or weapons described in the warrant. The raid seems to have stemmed from a bad tip from a confidential informant. But Troy authorities don’t seem particularly repentant. Here’s District Attorney Richard McNally:

"The checks and balances were in place. We checked and double-checked the information in this case. All the checks and double-checks were done. Unfortunately, it didn’t work as planned."

No kidding? Over at the linked article:
Police are not admitting they made a mistake, but are trying to figure out just what went wrong.

Sitting on the front steps of his First Street home Tuesday, Rob Davis says if there are drugs being pushed on his street, he's never seen it.

"It's pretty quiet here. We never have any problems," Davis said.

But the Troy Police Department is facing a potential problem itself. Troy's emergency response team shot the locks off the door of the house and threw a flash bang into the first floor apartment. Once inside, they cuffed the woman who lives there, searched the apartment, but had to let her go when they found nothing

Jeez, what a mess. Apparently all that 'double-checking' didn't work very well, did it?

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keith said...

I wonder if the "informant" who was given this info to test his trustworthiness is now sleeping with the fishes?

Nice one cops!