Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Parents, check out the university you're sending the kids to;

you never know what that money is being spent on:
So, some might be surprised to learn that on this year's Super Bowl Sunday, Duke University played host to a group of strippers, prostitutes, phone-sex operators, and others in a "Sex Workers Art Show" to display their "creativity and genius." The university spent $3,500 from student fees and various programs to pay the performers and cover expenses.

And the show was just FULL of artsy things like
"A transvestite, naked except for some strategically placed tape, with the words 'F___ Bush' painted on his chest, kneeled on all fours and lit a sparkler protruding out of his rectum with 'America the Beautiful' playing...

"A stripper, in the guise of a U.S. flag-draped Lady Justice, ... yanked a string of dollar bills out of her posterior as the sound system played Dolly Parton's version of 'God Bless the U.S.A.' She ended her act by saluting and holding up her middle finger to the crowd. The announcer referred to the performance as her 'Infamous Patriot Act.' Her most private area was kept covered by a small American flag...

"A dominatrix donned a large 'strap-on' male sex organ, and pretended to masturbate while the crowd was urged to shout 'faster, faster,' in Chinese."

So just think: that money you and your kids worked to save for their further education, and the loans they're signing years of their life away for, may be going to educational activities like this. And if you object to this, you can get a "Shut up, you don't question US, you Philistine!"explanation like this:
"There is an obvious difference," Lange responded, "between strippers performing at a private party and a group of artists touring university campuses across the country to present a show with political discussion, musical theater, and displays of sexuality."

Ah yes, 'artists', they do so much to enrich our lives, don't they?

Maybe someone needs to put sparklers in some of the officials and professors at Duke; if these idiots are going to screw students over, at least they could look somewhat decorative while doing it.

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