Friday, October 26, 2007

Followup to the 'poor babies' post

here. Article is here,

The first group of criminal enablersconcerned people had their suit thrown out of court because, basically, 'you are legal citizens and this doesn't affect you, so you have no standing to sue'. As I understand it, anyway. So they "refiled Thursday in federal court with additional plaintiffs who say they are facing eviction because of the measure. The plaintiffs are the National Coalition of Latino Clergy, two churches, a restaurant group and several anonymous individuals." Which is a fancy way of saying "We found some dirtbag illegals who snuck into the country undocumented workers who will be evicted if this law takes effect, and we are with them!"

I'm not going to say much, as I don't need to clean up the mess afterward. I'll just repeat: Screw you. You want to help people break our laws and act like you're entitled to make your own laws. Fuck you and get the hell out. You like these illegals so much? Go back to wherever with them. And we need to find the name of the 'restaurant group' and send them letters saying "We ain't eating at your places no more. No more money for you!"

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