Thursday, October 11, 2007

Does anyone else have the urge

to stuff a smelly old sock in Jimmy Carter's mouth? Arguably one of the worst Presidents in our history- possibly the worst- and the bastard just can't keep his damn mouth shut. Ever. Had a friend who thought he was one of the best presidents we'd had and I asked why: "He signed all those international agreements!"

"You mean like the ones with North Korea and the Soviets that they broke before the ink was dry?"

"But he did sign agreements with a number of countries!"

Didn't care that the 'agreements' were worth less than a good crap, the fact that he 'signed agreements with many countries' was all that counted. I guess if you judge by a bar that low, you might think he wasn't so bad. But I think he sucked rocks as President, and he's down to sucking sewage now.

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