Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Sci-Fi Channel needs to go back to class

At least on a few things. Particularly, they need two classes:
Firearms, General Characteristics and Operation
Firearms And Their Effects On Animals, Large And Small

Over time I've seen a few of their 'made for Sci-Fi' movies, and they tend to display absolutely incredible ignorance on the above. For instance, today saw parts of Curse of the Komodo and Attack of the Sabretooth, and in the past various 'giant Komodo dragon' or 'attacking dinosaur' movies. Various things apply to these:
A 1911 only holds seven rounds in a standard magazine, eight in a higher capacity that doesn't stick out the bottom of the grip: that does NOT translate to '35 rounds without reloading!'

EVERY gun runs out of ammo, even if it's belt-fed. Which means you do have to reload, like it or not.

You cannot get semi-auto fire out of a bolt-action rifle.

I don't care if it's a giant mutated Komodo dragon or a velociraptor, if you shoot it? IT WILL NOTICE. If you miss it completely, it'll notice the noise; if you hit it, it'll notice because high-velocity projectiles impacting will cause pain, which all animals seem to notice for some reason. Stop having four to six people shooting off their never-ending ammo supply(quantum pockets in the mag well, perhaps?) at said giant lizard and it not even looking around. Or ever bleeding.

And connected with the above: I don't care how big the damn thing is, you put thirty or so rifle bullets and fifty or more handgun bullets in it, two mysterious things will happen: it will bleed, and- sooner or later- IT'S GONNA DIE.

Maybe I should write them?

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