Thursday, May 31, 2007

Yes, the lack of 'use your hands' knowledge is bad (link corrected)

Really bad.

My daughter's first year in college she got a job at the museum in Norman, and one of her big selling points was when the asked if she could use 'basic hand tools': they meant like a screwdriver and hammer, and when she said "Yes" they were delighted. They were tired of hiring people who had to call building maintenance when they found a loose drawer pull.

Couple of years before that, some people I knew were building a three-level stage at a Ren-fair somewhere back east. Lots of local volunteers, almost none of whom could do anything with tools, including measure: they told one guy they needed a piece of plywood 48x60", and he(and those around him) couldn't figure out how to get that out of a 4x8' sheet. They had to give a short class on measuring, hammering and cutting to get the damn stage done.

God, I am so glad for the times I made the kids help do things around the house. And yard. And car, and forge...

As to the screwed-up link, I guess 'general idiocy' is more than just a post label...

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