Friday, May 12, 2006

Further good news; food this time

(urp...'scuse me) Having found myself starving after a: getting off work b: mowing & edging c: finding it was now 8 p.m., I decided to try an Indian restaurant that opened not too long ago at 50th & May here. Wasn't(belch) bad at all, which is why I'm sitting here stuffed.

This brought back one of the reasons I'd have a hell of a time going on a no-carbs diet: naan. It's a flatbread, and I love it. God, I could make a meal out of a bunch of it and some butter. Or cheese.

Lamb curry and chicken something hot enough to make you sweat, good flavor, lots of other good stuff but that's what I ('scuse me again) had the most of. Soon as I can remember the name(mmmmm, good reason to swing by later) I'll add it to this.

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