Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Two things tonight

And I promise that tomorrow I'll write about the gun show. In this case that should be Gun Show.

First, from across the Atlantic, maybe this will finally get them to understand why we treated the Kings taxmen so nastily:
Council tax inspectors will be given the right to enter homes and fine householders who refuse to cooperate under a new property revaluation scheme, the Conservatives claimed last night.

They accused ministers of "covertly" pushing through new laws that would give the inspectors power to levy fines of up to £1,000 to back up a revaluation that could see council tax bills soar.

The new powers are due to be rubber-stamped today by a little-noticed committee of MPs dealing with delegated legislation reforming the domestic rating system in Northern Ireland.

And from the sorry excuses for journalists we have running around we get this about the CNN snuff video:
Hunter's fury over the video underscores the tightrope often walked by news media in the war. Critics of the war say Americans see very little of the daily violence in Iraq because of television's reluctance to show gory footage. Dangerous conditions also keep journalists from reporting independent of military units that provide them protection.

Don't you just love it? These are the little bastards who don't want to write about it when our troops stomp bad guys or treat sick & injured locals, they don't EVER want to write about the truly heroic actions of many troops, but the put out this crap and then excuse it with "But we're walking a tightrope, here! People need to SEE the carnage!" Worthless little shits don't worry about showing the 'carnage' of our people busting ambushes or whacking terrorists who say that murdering teachers and children is doing their gods' work, but by their god we HAVE to see this garbage.

We need a hunting season on CNN.

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