Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Ammo situation

is kind of weird. Went by two shops today. Lots of Wolf pistol ammo, most rifle ammo available. 7.62x39 is out in the 'Wolf Classic Military'. Last time I bought a 500 pack it was the newer-type coated cases for about $2.25/box or so; time before that was $2.00/box. Now it's at least $3.75/box, and at the last gun show I went to it was $5 a box at some tables.

One local store, Outdoor America, was out of .45acp. I mean completely out. Ball and HP. Had some .45GAP, but that was it. I think they have been out for a couple of weeks. The Gold Dot 9mm in the 124-grain loads was up about $2/box of 50; the 145-grain was up about $12/box of 50.

Only surplus .308 I saw was South African and OA had some if the India-made. Didn't see any of the battle-packs of .223.

So prices are up on everything but not with regularity, some just a bit and some a lot. Some stuff, particularly in military calibers is harder to find and the prices on some of that is way up.

Some of it I can figure, but why the run on .45? Just people buying it up, or is the government getting a lot more since they're using more .45 pistols and looking to replace more of the 9mm pistols?

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